Whisper, Talk, or Shout!

What are you wanting your color to accomplish? Deep blue and neon may be shouting just a bit. Let us help you manage gray coverage, summer highlights, all over color change, corrections, balayage technique, ombre and more. Custom color services available for extensions. 

Hair Color FAQ

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Why do I need a hair color consultation?

Consultations are necessary to achieve desired goals for hair coloring. When working with a new stylist there has to be a discussion about the history of your hair care. What we find out about your hair's history determines steps necessary to achieve your color goals.  What other chemicals have been used on the hair? What we find out about your hair's history determines steps necessary to achieve you color goals. How long has it been since other color and/or chemicals were used? Have you ever experienced allergic reactions to color?  The list gets lengthy but we will try to cover some of the issues here. Look through the pictures in the Salon Baptiste Hair Color Gallery for ideas.

Can Permanent color damage my hair?

Permanent color can be safely used on all hair types and is best for gray coverage. Permanent Color creates beautiful shine, is conditioning and lasts longer. All permanent color products are not created equal. Permanent color is never used immediately after relaxing the hair. On the other hand most of our clients who do not use relaxers are using permanent color and are having lots of fun with it. Olaplex is recommended with permanent color services. 

How do I keep my color looking vibrant and prevent fading?

Salon Baptiste recommends sulfate free shampoos to protect color treated hair. Buy Olaplex 3 from Salon Baptiste to use at home to support salon color services by strengthening the hair and preventing color fading. We also custom tint shampoos and conditioners for clients to neutralize brassy tones, keep reds and vivid colors more vibrant or to add warmth. Discuss your home use products with your stylist.

What is Olaplex® and how does it help my hair?

Get Olaplex in Duluth! Olaplex is a collection of products that will relink broken disulfide bonds in the hair. The disulfide bond can be considered as part of the primary structure of a protein. When bonds are broken in the hair you will experience hair breakage, loss of curl pattern, dryness, excessive tangles, fragile strands, and dullness from aging.  Salon Baptiste use Olaplex in lightening, coloring and/or toning formulations to maintain hair integrity, improving the condition of hair.  Your stylist has a variety of options and will recommend treatments for you during color service.  We also offer an Olaplex Reparative Strengthening Treatment for hair that is chemically, heat, or manipulation damaged. The Strengthening Treatment is sometimes recommended prior to color or keratin treatments and for clients who relax, use chemical curls, wear hair shoulder length or longer and more.  

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a technique where the colorist can paint highlights or depth of color on to the hair. The technique can deliver light to heavy color placement with a very natural, soft sun kissed effect. We often use this technique to create Ombre looks. You will see this technique in Hair Color & Styles in Duluth by of Salon Baptiste. We also offer Custom Color for Weave & Extensions in Duluth and north Atlanta area.

Does my old hair color stay on my hair?

Color fades with time, especially temporary rinses and toners; however, color can remain in the hair indefinitely unless the hair has been cut.  This requires special attention to achieve desired goals when making color tone changes. Be advised, black dyes stay in the hair the longest and can be the most difficult to remove. When deciding to go from black to a lighter tone, sometimes reaching your desired goal could require more than one salon visit.