Weaves, Extensions & Wigs


Braid Sew In Weave

The traditional braid sew in can be done with a very few pieces to add fullness and/or length (partial) up to complete coverage of the entire head (full head). We sell single drawn Indian & Brazilian human hair. Single drawn hair ensures one donor per bundle for fewer tangles. The full head weave is a summer go to style and a protective style to give the hair rest and recovery time. Shampoo and conditioning in the salon or at home is recommended. This technique can last up to 3 months with recommended care.

Lace Frontal or Lace Closure

At our hair salon the latest trend is to use a lace closure or lace frontal with full head sew in weaves. The closure and frontal both allow the client to have options for parting the hair. Some clients prefer additional prep work on the lace frontal for a more defined parting and believable hairline. The lace frontal is also recommended when hair loss around the hairline is extreme.

Braidless (Micro Link) Sew In

The micro links provide a no braid sew in option that works well for partial sew ins when the client is leaving hair out in the top to cover. If you are looking for a natural look with smoothness this could be an option for you. Braidless sew in can also be achieved without the links using thread only.

I-Tip & Tape Extensions

The DreamCatchers or Cinderella product is used for I-Tip or Tape Extensions. The clients hair is not braided for either technique. I-Tips are attached with the micro links in very tiny pinches. Previously known as Strand By Strand or cold fusion. The hair can be reused and is the major benefit over heat fusion. Tape Extensions can be used alone (lower part of head) for added fullness or along with I-Tips (in crown) for a full head of long flowing hair. I-Tips and Tape Extensions are also used to add a pop of color with changing your natural hair. The hair colors and textures continue to expand!


We sell the HaloCouture products that offer Heavenly Hair In An Instant! These pieces are hair accessories for quick looks that you can pull together at home. 100% Remy Human Hair. Come in and see the color options and pieces.

Wigs & Custom Made Units

You can have a custom made wig made to your liking. Choose the hair texture, color, length cut and style. Natural hair protective style seekers can braid up and wear an alter ego. The wigs can last for months with proper care.